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Allen & Page Fast Fibre

Allen & Page Fast Fibre



Fast Fibre®

The Quick Soak Fibre Provider

• For horses and ponies at rest or in light work

• High fibre, low starch, low sugar and balanced with essential vitamins and minerals

• Can be fed as a partial or complete hay replacement

• Suitable for all types of horses and ponies, including good doers and those prone to laminitis

• Contains a unique prebiotic for Gut Loving Care

• Suitable for horses and ponies with intolerances to barley and molasses

Fast Fibre® is barley and molasses free and is ideal for the good doer or for horses who tend to be excitable even on low energy feeds. Fast Fibre® is particularly useful for horses with dental problems, as it can be used as a partial or complete hay replacer if necessary. It is also suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Fast Fibre® has a unique recipe which enables it to soak in under a minute, so you can be sure that your horse’s feed is always fresh.